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Ani Liu is a designer and creative technologist specializing in multisensory experiences.

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Footprint of Food

How can we create an experience where visitors can gain a more intuitive understanding of the carbon footprint of food?


Networked Sensorium

What if you could see through the eyes of someone else?


Scents for Space

In a future where we leave Earth for the unknown, can ever re-live what we've lost?  This is a set of olfactive tokens containing precious smells of Earth
for future cosmonauts.


Biota Beats

How can we gain a more intuitive understanding of our microbiome? 
Biota Beats uses music to bridge the gap between science and cultural understanding.


Mind in the Machine

In the age of mechanical reproduction, what happens to human workers?  After working in a factory for a month, I programmed one of the machines to manufacture the mental states of a factory worker through EEG signals.


Embedded Aesthetics

Form following function, function following form.  Explorations in expressive circuit designs.


Infinity Helm 

An Analog Response to Virtual Reality

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Transformable Furniture

A study in digital fabrication, this table transforms from a compact coffee table to a full dining table.



Every day I wake up energized to be doing what I love most.  While I understand that my anti-disciplinary background is trending, sometimes it can be hard to see how I can be a good fit for collaboration.  Explore some of my skills and services below:

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Interactive Experiences

Delivering multi-sensory stories- whether it's through your brainwaves or by reconstructing the smell of your first car- thinking out of the box is my strength. With a Master of Science from MIT Media Lab, I embody the imagination of an artist with the executional standards of an engineer.  I have delivered inspiration to clients such as IDEO, Asian Art Museum, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and Estée Lauder. 


Architectural Environments

Ranging from built environments like exhibition design, to interactive projection mapping, I am passionate about creating spaces that tell stories.  I hold a Master of Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and have over seven years of experience in environmental design.  In addition to built environments I am versatile in a full suite of VR tools such as UNITY and Unreal Engine.


Digital Fabrication

The industrial design of unconventional objects is a specialty of mine, especially when it relates to the body.  I have over four years of experience designing wearable technologies. From CNC milling, laser cutting, 3D printing, polymer casting, wood working, even digital knitting- I have over 15 years of experience making with a broad range of tools.  


Design Strategy & Branding

Storytelling complex, multifaceted ideas through design is a challenge that continues to keep my practice meaningful.  From the creation of logo to full multidimensional experiences, I begin each creative process focused human centered design.  I am invested in researching market trends and strategically delivering to client needs.  I love working with people, and excel in collaborative environments.

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Let's Create

Ani is currently available for multi-sensory commissions, speaking engagements, art direction, and a variety of interaction design services.  She aims to create delightful, thought provoking experiences to reignite a sense of wonder. 

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