Infinity Helm

An Analog Response to Virtual Reality


Roles:  concept design, industrial design, electronic design, photography

inifinity helm 3.jpg

Can an architectural experience occur without a physical spatial dimension?  I came to ponder this question after reflecting on the flatness of the screen and paper based mediums through which architects design space.  

As designers begin to explore the spatial capacities of tools that project the illusion of three dimensions within the plethora of virtual reality headsets, I designed this artifact as a meditation on the question,

"Can we design a wearable as an architectural medium?"

The result was this Infinity Helm:  opaque and solid, the interior of this wearable inhabitation contains the experience of looking into infinite space.  Through a series of interior mirrors and LEDs, perception of distance is simultaneously diminished and expanded.  

By being inside this device the wearer is at once both confined and relocated within an augmented reality extends.  


Interior View of infinity helm

Interior View of infinity helm