Transformable Furniture

Designing for twice as much utility with a transformable design: a coffee table that transforms into a full dining table.


Roles:  concept design, CNC tool path design, fabrication, construction, photography


This is a transformable table I designed while learning how to use CNC mill on the Shopbot.  In designing it, I was learning to translate a 3d design into toolpaths, using the CNC to machine parts precisely, and testing the thresholds of machine ready parts vs. the process of post-processing and assembling.   

I learned these processes through custom designing and making a coffee table that could transform into a larger dining table.  With a combination of Rhino and Solidworks, I designed a table that extends in both length and height with the use of two sets of hinges. A big part of the design process was making sure that the tolerances and clearances for both sets of legs were correct.



As an additional design challenge, most of the joints are inherent in the design itself, through notching and pressfit. The only hardware used in this design are the hinges themselves


Construction drawings and tool path files:


Images from the CNC milling and construction process: